The Creative World of

Pillinger Works

We are a creator couple who constantly improve each other and themselves.
Our restless attitude is that which is pushing us forward.
Our main profile is Content Generation which is photography and videography, moreover we do graphic design and short animations, sometimes marketing campaigns as well.
We have many years of experience in different creative industry.

Only the highest standard of quality.

We know that flawless is does not exist, but we still seeking it in everything what we create.
Therefore you can trust in that, we will be better and better after every time.

We are ready to take any challenge in;

  • Headshot / Portraits,
  • Wedding Photo / Videography
  • Glamour / Lingerie style
  • Property, Interior design Photo / Videography
  • Product or Service / Advertising Photography and Videography

Some of Our Favorite Photos

Always The

Best Look

Just a few soft, tiny movement with big attention, while we keep the person’s or subject’s uniqueness and give it a little sparkle.

That’s how we do it!


We Love Motion Pictures

We are ready to create high quality video contents for advertisements, weddings, services, land- and cityscapes, construction sites.

From the ground and above as well!

We believe that in the 20s FullHD resolution is not enough, therefore we only create films in 4K, which is 4 times bigger than the classic FullHD resolution.

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Some of Our Design

The Power of

Graphic Design

Nothing is more expressive, demonstrative or enthralling than well designed, communicative illustrations to support your communication.

Use our custom design elements specifically designed for you to enhance your advertisement campaign or companies image by having magical items created particularly for your needs.

Short Animated Films

to support your sellings!

We have experience in animation films as well.

We recommend it for budget friendly Facebook, YouTube or even TV campaigns.

No live actor needed, no makeup, no hair dresser, no venue rent cost.

Meet Our Team

Pillinger Kerepesi Zoltán

Zoltan Pillinger-Kerepesi

Zoltan has done photo editing since his childhood and he got his first camera when he was 8 years old. He spent a couple of years in marketing and company design industry as well. He Loves to make creative things.

Békefi Vanessza

Vanessza Bekefi

Vanessa is a god given talent in the team. She got eyes for the details and passion to make stunning photos. This lady is also good in hand drawing, what is really helpful to design images and icons.

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Brands Who Trust Us

We Don't Bite

Feel free to ask us your questions!

Phone: (+ 44) 7951 874066
Email: hello (@)
Depends on the Project, we are available all around the World.
Our base is currently in the UK.
CET M-F 10:00 - 17:00, W.END 10:00 - 14:00

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