The Heritage Project

Gabor Olah, Hungarian Hussar 2019, Pillinger Works, Pillinger - Kerepesi Zoltán
Title: Traditional Hungarian Hussar
Model: Valiant Lt. Gabor Olah
Photographer:  Pillinger-Kerepesi Zoltán
Studio: Pillinger Works 2019, Manchester

We are looking for some people to be model for the project, no experience needed.

The project is TFP based, and we really don’t care if you are a pro model or not, the most important aspect is to have traditional clothes. Regardless your sex, age, nationality or religion. You might be english, irish, hindu, pakistani, indian, punjabi, turkish, arabic or member of any other beautiful nation or religion. Just be proud and know how to wear your traditional stuff!
Easy not?
We will create together some original authentic “fine art” portrait for the posterity.
After we got plenty of shots and models, we will publish the categorised printed version of images, a publication and also a dedicated webpage.
If you don’t have traditional clothing, however you know someone who is fully suitable for this project, please recommend our project to your acquaintance, who might be interested to take this opportunity.
(Actually to be crystal clear, we are looking for partners in this project, rather than simple models, who would enjoy to take a part of this project. Who is willing to help to raise this project, who can be a model with own clothes, collector, hair dresser or mua with knowledge about what style was used in the past.. This will be a long term project for me. I would like to be a creator rather than a worker in this industry)
Credit of the Project:
Pillinger – Kerepesi Zoltán  | Gabor Olah | Place of Your Name
Under the Project we will process the next topics:
WW2 British Soldiers | Hungarian Hussars | Place of Your Ideas
Do you want take a part of it? Write us a message!
Note: This project, these photos is for the public, going to be widely distributed. You must agree with it as part of the terms and conditions.

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