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By Pillinger Works
commercial photography pillinger works

Commercial Photography

Eye cathing advertising

Do you want to show your brand’s best side? We offer comprehensive, personalised package. To discuss about your project, please send an e-mail inquiry.

product photography pillinger works

Product Photography

to catalogs and webshops

The best choice for shop owners, sellers and artists or galleries. Prices available from £15/product/photo. To discuss about your project, please send an e-mail.

Food Porn Photography by Pillinger Works 2017

Food Porn Photography

to make them hungry

Professional photos for menus, promotions, packaging, magazine articles, cookbooks and advertisements. Moreover we have a unique editing style, called Pillinger Method.

Aerial Photography

To show the whole image

Bird-eye view for events, properties, businesses to get the whole image of your performance. To discuss, send us an e-mail inquiry.

More Services from Us

The Power of

Graphic Design

Nothing is more expressive, demonstrative or enthralling than well designed illustrations to support your communication.

Use our unique drawings specifically designed for you to enhance your advertisement campaign or companies image by having magical items created particularly for your needs.


We provide high quality vector graphic designed items, which elements will be easy to syncronise with your company image.

Can We Do Even More?

Yes, we can!

Business Introducing Films, Advertisement

Motion picture is nothing else but a bunch of still photos one after another. So as a professional photographers, we also can create beautiful films to introduce and advertise your business.

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