How I started this before, my name is Pillinger – Kerepesi Zoltán. I am a one-man army!
I am a Hungarian Londoner, who is a passionate freelance photographer, a graphic designer and also a marketing competent with many of ideas and many of years behind me.

Everything is started when i was a little child. I remember, when i was 7 years old (1993) i cried to a camera for my parents. Finally i got two. I received an old soviet camera from my father and i got a turist camera from my mother… it was a very exciting time!

Two years later, (1995) we bought our first personal computer and i spent all of my time front of the monitor. 3×86 + Windows 3.1!? Oh my Gosh how difficult, big and slow was everything then…

And with the digital age, everything has changed… We could not imagine 20 years ago what is today. Everything is digital. Digital shops, digital storages, photos, cameras. Digital lifes, digital loves, digital social, communities. Everything is digital. Everything is on the internet. And the time is fast!

I started my graphic carrier when i was 12yo. I had a Corel Paint Shop Pro and i started to edit my friend’s pictures. Afterwards i got my first digital camera with VGA resolution, but everybody loved the pictures what i did shot and because it was digital camera, was the way to send, to show for the people much more easier, faster then before… and on the same time i started to make some design stuff. I designed my first logo when i was 13yo for my Dragon Ball website, what i was build in FrontPage with html codes! So i designed my first website in 1999. I remember, in my country it was a big thing how i remember it was the first Hungarian Dragon Ball fan page. And i’ve been the biggest fan there! And because of this, one of the commercial channel wanted to make an interview with me (but my mother didn’t accept the offer)

But forget about these sentimental paragraphs! Now I am destined to save the moment for you and anyway i am here to increase, to develop your business, your life for the future!

This is my profession and let see the way, how i am here now!

Pillinger - Kerepesi Zoltan
Pillinger - Kerepesi Zoltan

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